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Chill Zone Rust, a rust community for gamers. - Chill Zone | Max 5 | Bi-Weekly | NOOB Friendly
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What makes Chill Zone Rust stand out?


The heart of is the great community of gamers that have come together to play. Share those experiences with the finest rust community we've ever seen. We've proudly served over 200,000 players.


Our active team of non-playing admins are around to ensure you can spend your time playing rust, not wondering if that sus guy xfasdf123 will see you across the map when you try to farm some nodes. We're here nearly 24/7 to help by monitoring reports, spectating cheaters, and answering your tickets.

Lag Free

CZR uses only the top of the line hardware, hosted on the best networks available worldwide for the lowest latency possible and a smooth experience. If the unexpected happens, don't stress about rollbacks. We might even replace that mini you lost too.

Community Guidelines

Community Guidelines
CZR requires our players to uphold to our community standards. Please be respectful to other players and staff. Cheaters and exploiters can expect to be found and removed. We do not tolerate racism, sexism, pedo chat/jokes, bullying, doxing, harassment or IRL threats and toxicity. Please ensure you understand and read our rules page on this site, our discord, or the condensed version available in game. Your presence on any of our platforms implies you accept our rules and guidelines, including any changes. It is your responsibility to keep yourself informed.

Our Team






 Head Admin / Bad Cop 


 Lead Developer 

Futuristic Past

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I join the CZR discord?

Click the Join Discord link at the top of this page. You will need to link your discord account after you log in.

Is linking my discord and steam account safe?

Yes. We do not store any personal information. Your steam login is on the steam website, which just sends us your steam ID. We do not process your steam or discord account credentials at all.